Congratulations to Isabel Turpin Moreno for completing her Master’s project, titled: “Generation of new tools for the sudy of neurodegeneration in Parkinson’s Disease through iPSC and gene editing”.

September 2018

Congratulations to Meritxell Pons for being awarded a Beatriu de Pinós grant to develop her research on the role of astrocytes in Parkinson disease pathogenesis.

June 2018

We warmly welcome Janani Parameswaran as a new Post-doc in the lab. She will study mitrochondrial dysfunction and inflammation in astrocytes during the pathogenesis of Parkinson’s disease.

October 2017

We warmly welcome Meritxell Pons as a new Senior Post-doc in the lab! She will be focused on the non-cell autonomous contribution of glial cells during PD pathogenesis.

We also welcome Lucas Blasco Agell as new PhD Student in the lab working on the possible pathologic role of microglia in PD.

September 2017

Congratulations to Carles Calatayud for completing his PhD, titled: “Genome editing in human induced pluripotent stem cells by using TALENS”.

June 2017

Nobel Laureate, Walter Gilbert, pays a visit to our lab!

May 2017

We warmly welcome Daniel Malagarriga as a new Post-doc in the lab! He will be focused on modelling the functional behavior of the network created by dopaminergic neurons in culture.

MARCH 2017

We warmly welcome Marco Valtorta in the lab who is working on a research project investigating microtubule dynamics in our cell model!


We warmly welcome Chrysanti Blithikiouti (Greece) and Monika Matusiauk Brueckiner (Germany) in the lab!