Prof. A. Zorzano, IRB,Barcelona
Prof. A.Raya, CMRB, Barcelona
Prof.A. Muotri, UCSD, San Diego
Prof. T. Cathomen, University Medical Centre, Freiburg, Germany
Dr. A. M. Cuervo, Albert Einstein College, New York
Dr. E.Tolosa, IDIBAPS, Hospital Clinic, Barcelona
Dr. J. Soriano, UB, Barcelona
Prof. Del Rio, UB, Barcelona
Prof. J. Garcia-Ojalvo, UPF, Barcelona
Dr. E. Martínez Hernández, IDIBAPS, Barcelona


Isabel Turpin – Currently Technician at Evolutionary Systems Biology lab, IBE
Giulia Carola – Currently Project Consultant in Alientt
Silvia Beltramone – Currently Specialised Technician at Center for Genomic Regulation
Janani Parameswaran – Currently at Emory University, USA
Daniel Malagarriga – Currently Research Scientist in Artificial Intelligence Lab, Telefónica Alpha
Angelique di Domenico – Currently Postdoctoral Researcher at The New York Stem Cell Foundation
Marco Valtorta – Currently Postgraduate fellow in Vania Broccoli’s lab at San Raffaele Scientific Institute
Marta Cañizares – Currently Master student in Knoblich lab at the Insitute of Molecular Biotechnology
Armida Faella – Currently Technician at Comparative Genomics lab, IBE
Neus Bayó-Puxan – Currently Project Manager at Vall D’Hebron Institute of Oncology (VHIO)
Roger Torrent – Currently part of the Clinical Research Unit at Sant Joan de Déu Institut de Recerca
Francesca de Angelis –  Currently Postdoctoral Researcher at German Cancer Research Center
Adriana Sanchez-Danez – Currently Postdoctoral Researcher at Université Libre de Bruxelles

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