Post-doctoral Investigator

Alba obtained her degree in Biology in 2011 at the University of Barcelona. In 2012 she completed a Master in Developmental Biology and Genetics at the University of Barcelona. She did her master’s internship in the Department of Genetics at the University of Barcelona working in the genetics of autism and cocaine dependence. Alba joined Consiglio’s lab in 2016 to develop a THD iPSC based model to better understand the physiopathology of the Tyrosine Hydroxylase deficiency disorder and test different therapeutic approaches in vitro. On 2019 she obtatined her PhD (cum laude) with the work entitled “Tyrosine hydroxylase Deficiency: Studies in patient samples and in a cellular model” that she developed under the supervision of Dr. Consiglio and Dr. Àngels Garcia-Cazorla from the Fundació Sant Joan de Déu. She is currently working as a post-doctoral researcher investigating neurotransmission defects of paediatric patients suffering from Tyrosine Hydroxylase deficiency.

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